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I'm a blogger who lives in Kota, Rajasthan, India and connected to the whole world through the internet. I started my first blog in 2011, then stopped. And again started back in 2012, since then, I learned a lot about blogging, SEO, social media marketing and overall digital marketing. With the experience of more than 6 years in the field of online marketing, I can now call myself a digital marketing expert.

My Expertise

Search Engine Optimization

With the enough experience in SEO industry, I have good knowledge of technical, on-page and off-page SEO. I do follow the search engine's guidelines and make websites user friendly.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a new weapon of this era, it has the power to trend and build. I made timelines, created tweets, uploaded graphics and learned how it works.

Affiliate Marketing

Making money online is not a bluff. If done in a right way, anyone can earn online like I do. Affiliate marketing is a way to earn enough to pay your bills and live on your terms.

WordPress Optimization

WordPress sites are all around the world, WordPress sites receive over 22 billion pageviews per month. I do the requisite to optimize sites for better speed and performance.

What Can I Do For You

Full SEO

I'll do full A-to-Z SEO of your site including On-site and Off-site optimization. Authorized link building will increase your DA & PA.

Content Marketing

Content is King! I'll write quality content as per your niche and do the content marketing to increase your branding & traffic.


If content is King then context is Queen! Your first impression is your copy. I'll write the interesting copy for you.

Facebook Management

Facebook is important for any brand. I'll manage and optimize your Facebook page and do the required Facebook marketing.

Twitter Management

Same as Facebook, Twitter is also an imortant social network for you. I'll optimize & manage your Twitter handle marketing.

Site Setup & Optimization

You want to start blogging? I'll help you to setup your website & blog. I'll do the both customization and optimization for you.










The Basics of Marketing That Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Entrepreneurship can be thrilling, but it’s also overwhelming if there are gaps in your skill set that you’d like to fill. For many business owners, marketing is this gap, but there are ways you can learn its essential concepts and drive your business to success. The key is to create an engaging brand, find the right channel, and develop effective messaging — and who could possibly do this better than the originator of a company? The following tips can help you learn more about the importance of marketing.

How to Start a Blog and Make $1000+ Per Month?

Do you love writing?

Do you want to share your experiences with global readers?

If yes, blogging would be the best option you could choose as your career. Earning money by following your passion doesn't mean you have to stay stuck to the strict 9-6 office hours.

Advancing technology has winged up millions of people globally. One can now easily earn a pretty sum of passive money just by following up on their passion. The trending world has brought everything online now.

Whether it is about searching for a perfect electronic gadget or it is about exploring the knowledge about any product or services, the internet is serving as a greater platform to explore all.

One just has to make perfect use of their skills to initiate their journey with blogging. The best thing about blogging is that you don’t need to have any professional degree for continuing with it.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Running a business is not so easy. One needs to be updated and tech-specific all the time to extract the best results from the basic things. If you are willing to grow fast in your business just think and act smart. You need to look forward to some alternative sources of income that can assist you in growing in the mainstream business also. The word affiliate marketing has become quite popular these days. If you don’t know why let me help you with the same. Affiliate marketing is one of the finest sources of passive income. It is the best thing one could do for earning a pretty sum while doing different other things.

Just stay connected with us, if you are willing to know in-depth about Affiliate Marketing.

[Case Study] How I Earned $1500+ In a Month from My Blog? - Step by Step

I'm preparing this step by step guide on how I earned $1500+ (1,00,000+ INR) through my blog in just a month and how can you also start earning from your blog.

I'll share this article as soon as it's ready.

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What is Digital Marketing - A Brief Overview

Marketing Services are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Among all the strategies, digital marketing hits at the top. Digital marketing is also known as internet advertising and online marketing, and with the use of the internet, one will be able to market their company online easily.

We all know, in recent times the use of the internet has been increased by 4 times and people are dependent on it a lot. For purchasing products as well, people are dependent on it. When a person is dealing with a particular business that they need to put online, digital marketing plays a very important role.

Facts You Must Know

91% of online adults use social media regularly. Social media is fully integrated into communication culture. Make sure it is an integrated part of your marketing strategy.

Source: Hubspot

82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading their blog post or custom content. Companies that blog more than 15 times per month get 5 times the traffic.

Source: Social Media Today & MySMN

72% of marketers agree that relevancy is the single biggest factor for better SEO. Experts agree that writing for search terms rather than simply incorporating them into the content is pivotal for the good traffic.

Source: Omnicore

Romit Sharma