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About Romit Sharma

About Romit Sharma

Romit Sharma is a blogger and digital marketing expert currently living in Kota, Rajasthan, India. He has more than 6 years of experience in SEO, Link Building, Niche Edits, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Copywriting, and more. He is a technophile, gadget lover, and passionate blogger who’s been blogging since 2012. One of his blogs TechCrack where he writes about technology. Apart from this, he also loves traveling and photography in his free time. 

Expertise Services by Romit Sharma

If you're looking to scale up your digital marketing efforts and boost your website rankings and authority, I'm here to help you in your journey. Check out what I can help with:

Link Building (Guest Posts):

Guest blogging or guest posting is a way to create qualified backlinks for your site that not only helps in SEO perspective but also builds brand identity. I have a great database of multiple niche sites where I can publish guest posts to create quality backlinks for your projects. This way of link building is most successful in terms of SEO and traffic. Just share your requirements with me and I'm here to help.  

Niche Edits (Link Insertion):

Link insertion can be done in existing content that is relevant to your project and also known as niche edits. This is the most effective way to create backlinks without having the necessity to create new content. In this way, you can quickly build links from already established content sites. I have a collection of multiple pure niche sites where I can place your links with the required anchors. Just let me know your niche requirements and I'll get it done.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Everyone is aware of the importance of SEO in the digital world. This is the only cost-effective way to get organic traffic for your website. In this competitive web world, you need to do the right things to perfect the SEO game from on-page to off-page. That is why you can hire me and I'll perform a full audit of your site to help you get your desired results.

Content Writing & Copywriting:

Content is no doubt the most important dish in the online marketing plate. If you want to boost your digital marketing efforts, from anything to everything, you need awesome and original content. While many AI tools are available in current days, no one can replace human writing, that is why the value of human-written content is unpriced. I can help you with content and copywriting work.

Website Authority Building (DA & DR):

When starting with a new project or new website, it is always important to build authority first. Let the world as well as search engines know that you've arrived! With multiple metrics such as Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), Authority Score (AS), Trust Flow (TF), etc. we can boost the overall authority of website which helps in the SEO perspective. I provide authority-building service which you definitely consider. 

Website Optimization:

To get great results in terms of SEO as well as user experience, you must have a perfectly optimized website. Optimization includes website speed, plugins, on-page optimization, error-free fetching, and more. If you have a perfectly optimized website, it automatically helps boost its web rankings and acquire new users. Get in touch with me if you need to get your website optimized. 

Social Media Marketing:

Social media is the biggest revolution of this decade, without considering it we can not guarantee success in digital marketing. That is why social media marketing plays a key role from every angle of the digital world. Get your SMM done from me to perfectly build your brand and achieve great results. 


When I entered the online world, the first thing I learned was blogging. It changed my life and became a passion for me. Blogging is no doubt the best way to express your words to the world in the meantime a way to earn your best living. While vlogging is a new trend nowadays, blogging is still working great and I can help you learn how to start with it. 

Get in touch with me and I'm available to help you! Contact me now to discuss what we can do together to achieve goals!